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Boat Trailers:

Kodiak was the first to offer corrosion resistant disc brake features into the trailer industry. Brake sets included slip-over style rotors, brackets and calipers being made of stainless steel. Smaller components such as bleed screws and fittings are made of brass. Brake pads are made of ceramic friction material with stainless steel backing plates in our stainless steel calipers. Kodiak pioneered stainless steel brake sets for the highest corrosion protection but also offers several alternant corrosion resistant coatings for the BEST VALUE in trailer brakes.

Horse Trailers:

You’ve got the best horses, the best trailer, and the best tack relying on your trailer braking system, can it handle the job? When compared to drum brakes, disc brakes have a shorter stopping distance, smoother stopping and lower maintenance cost. What’s stopping you?

RV Trailers:

Fifth wheel and bumper pull RV trailers are getting bigger and heavier. Slide outs, storage tanks, and combination toy haulers are becoming more common. Tow vehicles are getting lighter. This means what your towing can easily increase the stopping distance and give you that helpless feeling when the light changes or when there is not enough room between you and the vehicle that just pulled onto the highway. Disc brakes can give you a 35% – 58% shorter stopping distance over drum brakes when compared 40mph to a complete stop using trailer brakes only.

Utility Trailers:

Utility and equipment trailers are usually working trailers. This means that any maintenance time is usually costing you money. Disc brakes have fewer moving parts and visual inspections and/or pad replacement can be accomplished without removing the hub. Kodiak pads and caliper parts can be referenced to GM automotive parts, found at many auto parts stores for customer convenience.

Agricultural Trailers

Kodiak’s newest expansion of its trailer disc brake product line, is into the agricultural trailer market. Ag trailers, like other trailer types, have tended to get heavier with time. Although they travel at much lower speeds than other trailers, their huge sizes and weights have made them candidates for brakes. Kodiaks’ ag trailer disc brakes are typically designed to be actuated by DOT3 or DOT4 brake fluid. However, they are available with nitrile seals, etc., so that they can also be actuated with hydraulic oil. Please specify your preference on the order.

Currently, Kodiak has disc brakes available mount to 6000# or 7500# hubs. (It should be noted that they are designed to fit to Canadian Tool and Dies’ #H819-3-J (6000#) hub (or equivalent) and Canadian Tool and Dies’ #817-1 (7500#) hub (or equivalent), Disc Brakes for a 15000# hub (CT&D’s #H1010-3) are scheduled for delivery in 2016, with even larger capacity brakes on the horizon.


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